INGARON® (100000 IU)
Recombinant human interferon gamma, lyophilisate for intranasal solution (nasal drops)

  • The only interferon gamma drug in the Russian Federation
  • Listed in VED list
  • Listed in the Standards of Specialized Medical Aid for medium to severe influenza and severe ARVI
It is efficient as it:
  • Possesses a combined effect – antiviral and immunomodulatory;
  • Possesses a comprehensively wide spectrum of activity – it affects the majority of viral infection agents (over 200 viruses), including H1N1 strain of swine flu virus;
  • Efficient at all stages of the disease;
  • Increases the body resistance to reinfection;
  • Virus-inhibitory effect is significantly higher than that of most anti-influenza drugs;
  • Intensifies the effect of many anti-viral drugs used in combined therapy of ARVI and influenza;
  • Influenza viruses do not get resistance to INGARON®
The way INGARON® works
  • It starts working immediately after it has been absorbed by the nasal mucosa that allows for maximum advancing its effect;
  • The drug blocks viral attachment and invasion to respiratory mucosal cells improving their resistance               to infection;
  • УIt kills the infected cells;
  • The drug activates immune protection of the body.
It is suitable for me, because it:
  • Decreases the disease severity;
  • Reduces the disease duration;
  • Promptly decreases the symptoms of a disease;
  • Significantly reduces the risk of complications;
  • Sufficiently guarantees protection against reinfection.
  • Suitable for use as a family drug (excluding pregnant women and children under 7 years of age);
  • Side effects upon using INGARON® are not registered, allergic responses are quite rare;
  • INGARON® does not develop resistance.
Clinical Studies
According to the data from clinical studies conducted in the Outpatient Department of State Institution Research Institute of Influenza of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, in which patients with confirmed diagnosis of influenza and ARVI took part, INGARON® showed high tolerability, safety and apparent efficiency – twice less risk of complications and reduction of influenza and ARVI manifestations:
  • Fever by 1.7 times;
  • Headache by 2 times;
  • Cough by 1.7 times;
  • Rhinitis by 1.6 times
Within the study of antiviral effect of the drug, virus-inhibitory activity of INGARON® drug has been assessed versus national and foreign antiviral drugs. The study demonstrated that the virus-inhibitory effect of INGARON® is higher than that of the compared drugs and 2.5 times higher than the effect of Tamiflu drug advised by the WHO as a main drug for chemotherapy and prevention of diseases caused by А and В influenza viruses.


Instructions for Use

Packaging set – a vial with lyophilisate (powder), water for injection (5 ml) and a cap-dropper.