The main method of influenza and cold prevention is interferon gamma

According to the Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academic Advisor of the Federal State Budgetary Institution State Science Center Immunology Institute of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, Professor Rakhim Musayevich Khaitov:

"I have been working much on the creation of an influenza vaccine, therefore, I consider the influenza vaccination to be indispensable. But influenza is only one of the viral infections affecting our respiratory tract. There are quite many flu-like viruses, in total there are about two hundred viruses infecting the respiratory passages. It is impossible to make so many vaccines. And there are no common proteins available for making a comprehensive vaccine. Therefore, in this respect interferon gamma comes to the fore both for preventive and therapeutic purposes. In our country this is INGARON®".

INGARON® (100000 IU)

Recombinant human interferon gamma, lyophilisate for intranasal solution (nasal drops)

  • The only interferon gamma drug in the RF
  • Highly efficient immunostimulator
  • No side effects marked
  • Entered in VED list

It is efficient as it:

  • Possesses a combined effect – antiviral and immunomodulatory;
  • Possesses a comprehensively wide spectrum of activity – it affects the majority of viral infection agents (over 200 viruses), including H1N1 strain of swine flu virus;
  • Unlike other interferon-based drugs, interferon gamma has not only antiviral but also immunomodulatory effect;
  • An antiviral barrier is created right in the place of infectious invasion – the nasopharynx;
  • Activates immunoprotection: it regulates the immune response, activates cell immunity, activates the acquired immunity, activates antiviral protection;
  • Increases the body resistance to reinfection;
  • Influenza viruses do not develop resistance to INGARON®

The way INGARON® works

  • It starts working immediately after it has been absorbed by the nasal mucosa that allows for maximum advancing its effect;
  • The drug blocks viral attachment and invasion to respiratory mucosa cells improving their resistance against infection;
  • The drug activates immune protection of the body.

It is suitable for me, because it:

  • INGARON® is a strong preventive drug;
  • Significantly reduces the risk of complications;
  • Sufficiently guarantees protection against reinfection.
  • Suitable for use as a family drug (excluding pregnant women and children under 7 years of age);
  • Side effects upon using INGARON® are not registered, allergic responses are quite rare;
  • INGARON® does not develop resistance.

Clinical Studies

According to the data from clinical studies conducted in the Outpatient Department of the State Institution Research Institute of Influenza of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the intranasal administration of INGARON® for preventive purposes ensured the reduction of ARVI incidence rate during the administration by 2.2 times, and by 1.9 times during the month following the administration in comparison with the control group.

Over 90% of diseases caused by respiratory viral infections can be prevented by intranasal administration of interferon gamma.

A trial of a number of drugs at the Research Institute of Influenza of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation demonstrated that INGARON® is notable for the highest antiviral activity against the H1N1 strain of swine flu virus.

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INGARON® Administration Frequency

Apart from influenza outbreaks and the periods of cold-related diseases, our immunity may be compromised under other unfavorable conditions. Therefore, INGARON® is recommended for the preventive use in the following cases:

  • An influenza outbreak and the period of cold-related diseases;
  • Contact with an infected person;
  • Transitional season;
  • Exposure to cold / heat;
  • Solar fever/heat fever;
  • Changing the climatic zones (for example, a vacation trip);
  • Changing the diet, routine regime;
  • Postoperative period.

Instructions for Use

Packaging set – a vial with lyophilisate (powder), water for injection (5 ml) and a cap-dropper.